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Fun Bowling Factz:

Did you know?

Bowling is America’s #1 participation activity with over 70 million Americans bowling each year.

Bowling provides good exercise because…

  • It works a lot of muscle groups not normally exercised
  • Bowling 2 games results in walking a 1/2 a mile
  • Bowling 30 minutes can burn between 105 to 285 calories
  • Bowling 2 games exercises 184 muscles

Bowling helps shape you up…

  • It works tendons, joints and ligaments in your arms & legs
  • It improves your balance, flexibility and posture too
  • Bowling helps shape you up…

Bowling & education go hand in hand because…

  • It provides 6 million of dollars a year in scholarships for youth players
  • Recently become the fastest growing high school letter sport
  • Competitive bowling is a very popular team sport from elementary through college

Bowling is great for families….

In Bowling, no one rides the bench so families often participate together

Quinnz Pinz provides the perfect place to bowl!  Plan an outing with friends and family, or join a bowling league.

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