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When Bowling Works Up Your Appetite…

Bowling can work up quite the appetite.  Quinnz Pinz has all of your favorite classics.  Items on our menu have three things in common:

  1. Local ingredients
    We use local, organic Black Angus from Farmer’s Daughter in Otisville, NY for all of our burgers and produce from local farmers markets.  Buying local food supports local families in our backyard.  Plus local food is better for you because there is a shorter time between the farm and your plate.
  2. Fresh
    From spicy chicken wingz to cheesy pizzas, our food is made on site.  Plus the freshness adds an extra bonus for your taste buds.  It’s tasty, hot and right coming out of the oven.
  3. Outside of the box.
    We want your bowling experience to be filled with memories that indulge all of the senses, including the taste buds.  From Shareablez like Macho Nachoz and Tot-Chos, to burgers like the Quinnz Pinz Classic to The Inferno Burger, we stray away from the mundane and indulge creativity.

Quinnz Pinz provides the perfect place to bowl and to eat!  Plan an outing with friends and family, or check out some of the events we have going on through our website

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