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♦ Fundraisers ♦

Have fun, be social & raise money!  

Let use do the work so you can have all the FUN!

School groups, sports teams, music departments, not-for-profit organizations, churches and other charities have all raised money for their cause without selling anything. What makes fundraising at Quinnz Pinz so incredible is that all the participants have a great time while raising money for something they believe in!

Quinnz Pinz Fundraising Advantages

  1. Experienced party planner help before & during the event
  2. 2/3 of the profit raised go to the cause
  3. Multiple fundraising opportunities
  4. Free advertising on our webpage, social media & in-house

We Make Fundraising Easy!

Reserve your lanes, sell tickets and get ready for a fun filled event!

Gold Package:      $50/lane – $8.35/bowler –  Includes: 2 hr bowling, shoes  pizza & soda (most popular package)

Bronze Package:  $40/lane – $6.66/bowler –  Includes: 2hr bowling & shoes

Additional Fundraising Opportunities:

  • Lane sponsorships
  • Quinnz Pinz Arcade Cars sold at 50/50 profit
  • Create a bowl-a-thon for non-attendees where people can sponsor you for each pin knocked down

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