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♦ QP Scholarship ♦

Junior Bowling Scholarship Program “Stars of Tomorrow

What is the Youth Scholarship Bowling Program?

K-12 bowling scholarship program is designed to offer children scholarship opportunities through the sport of bowling, awards, tournaments & fundraising.  ALL bowlers qualify and do not have to a fantastic bowler to be a recipient!  Being a good person will allow you to earn scholarships too.

Did you know that the bowling industry provides more than $6 MILLION in scholarships each year?

Did you know Quinnz Pinz youth bowlers are eligible for $18,000 in scholarships for college?

Did you know that Quinnz Pinz gave $3,000 to youth bowlers for scholarships in 2018/2019 season?

Fall League Sept 15, 2018 Form

Winter League Jan. 5, 2018