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Space Invaders

Take on the galaxy in this Arcade Game classic! Destroy the invading enemy ships or risk getting lost in the stars forever.

Jurassic Park

Who said dinosaurs do not exist?  Explore the jungles of Jurassic Park and see the wonders the jungle hides. But watch out for the ferocious T-Rex…


It’s everyone’s favorite Arcade game!  Grab a friend and take on the World’s Biggest Pac-man right here at Quinnz Pinz!


Who you gonna call? You! Round up your ghost-fighting gang and put yourself in a Ghostbusters shoes to defeat all of the ghastly ghouls in front of you.

NBA Hoops

Lebron, Curry, Jordan, Durant, Wade, and you!  Race against the clock to beat your high score or compete against friends and family to find out who is the Ultimate Hoops Champion.


Sharpen up your technique or earn bragging rights in the classic game of Pool. Take on your friends, family or strangers in this time-honored bar tradition.