♦ Escape Rooms ♦

Coming soon…

Sorcerer’s Study Escape Room

It was no secret at Gwyndemere Castle that Vesputin, the royal sorcerer, coveted Queen Magdalena’s jasper amulet from the day he first laid his eyes upon it. The amulet had been gifted to the royal family by the great sorcerer Magus Magentus during the time of the Trelvyn Scrolls, and has remained in the possession of the standing Queen ever since… Learn More


Off the Radar Escape Room

 You and your fellow comrades are aboard a high tech submarine, The SS Escape, somewhere in the Bering Sea off the coast of ALaska. On the way to your top secret mission, equipment begins to fail and the captain has to make an emergency ascent to the surface. Moments later you feel a thunderous crash and everyone instantly gets the same panicked feeling… Learn more

Quinnz Pinz is excited to unveil our newest attraction for you:

Not one…but TWO Escape Rooms!

Indulge your curiosity and creative side by daring to enter one of the new Quinnz Pinz escape rooms.

Step inside and immerse yourself in the story the escape room holds.

Challenge yourself, your team, or your friends and family by putting your mental skills to the test with all the brain twisters the rooms has in store.  Run against the clock and unlock all of the mysteries that the room has in store behind every nook and cranny.  Each puzzle cracked will lead you closer to the exit.

But be careful and move quickly…because if you do not solve your way out you risk getting suck in there…